Picture 238

131 Allan Street (rear) 1 hour before demolition

131 Allan Street was a 23 storey tower block on the Millerfield estate in Dalmarnock, Glasgow. Approved in 1965 as the Summerfield Extention project, construction was carried out by Laidlaw using the Prometo construction method. The building contained 132 flats. In January 2005, the decision was made by the Glasgow Housing Association to demolish the flats. This came after two other multis in the scheme had been demolished 3 years previously. All residents were rehoused by August 2006, with East End Community Homes doing their best to accomodate them all within the Dalmarnock/Bridgeton area, although the building was well below capacity. After almost a years preparation, the tower block was blown down in just 5 seconds by Safedem of Dundee and John F. Hunt using 85kg of explosives on the 1st of July 2007.

Demolition photosEdit

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