50 Millerfield Road was a 23 storey tower block on the Millerfield estate in Dalmarnock, Glasgow. Approved in Phase 1 of the Summerfield project in 1962, construction was carried out by Laidlaw using the Prometo method. The deisgn was by local architects, Parry & Hughes. the building was completed in 1964 and contained 132 flats. It was part of a quartet of 23 storey tower blocks in the estate in the south eastern corner of Dalmarnock. Although initially popular with residents for being a vast improvement on the slums that predated post war development, lack of investment and maintainance made the block unpopular and the building housed fwer and fewer tenants. On Sunday the 3rd of February 2002 at 11am, 50 Millerfield Road was demolished along with 40 Millerfield Road. It was the first high rise demolition since a woman was tragically killed in 1993 as she watched the ill-planned implosion of Queen Elizabeth Square. The operation cost Glasgow City Council £1.2m to hire Yorkshire-based Controlled Demolition Group Ltd. Despite doing their best to keep the blow down secret, a small crowd had gathered to watch. None of them were injured.


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