Anniesland Court

Anniesland Court, Glasgow.

Anniesland Court is a 23 storey tower-block in Anniesland, Glasgow. It is the tallest listed building in Scotland, and is similar in style to to those on the Pepys Estate in London.

It was designed by J Holmes and Partners and the project was approved by Glasgow City Council in 1966. Construction was carried out by D.L. and was completed in 1968. It was one of D.L.'s final housing projects over 8 storeys in the city.

The building is unusual in that its 23 storeys contain seven levels of homes: each level comprises 18 homes - 6 upstairs two bedroom flats, 6 downstairs two bedroom flats and 6 single one bedroom flats with level access off the main corridor. They have full kitchens & bathrooms the same as the two bed flats. The upstairs and downstairs flats have their two bedrooms facing the rear of the building. In total there are 124 flats.

On the rear or north facing elevation are the ‘drying’ balconies. These are illuminated at night with blue lights and they can be seen by passengers on their way to land at Glasgow Airport. There are also parking to the south of the building as well as underneath Anniesland Court itself. Glasgow Housing Association have had offices at the base of the block since 2004.

The entrance area to the front of the building is 3 levels above Great Western Road. On the patio level there are 8 two bedroom maisonettes, above which are 16 flats. All have the same configuration as the main building. Below this smaller building and on Crow Road is Anniesland Library and Learning Centre. To the north of the library on Crow Road is the Anniesland Court Community Hall occupied by Anniesland Court Residents Association. The community hall provides a focus for the community and is used daily. It is open for residents to ‘drop in’ for a cuppa and a chat. It is also the venue for the many evening functions throughout the year.

Anniesland Court's ownership was part transferred to Glasgow Housing Association in 2003. The complex is managed by Great Western Tenant Partnership (GWTP).

Despite roof repairs having been carried out, Annieland Court still suffers from damp problems and some residents still complain of water running down the walls and ceilings.

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