Aragon Tower is the former name of a former council tower block on the Pepys Estate in Lewisham, London. It was completed in 1962 along with Eddystone Tower and Daubeny Tower at a height of 24 storeys by London City Council.

In the 1990s, the refurbishment of the tower was planned as part of a wider regeneration initiative for the estate. Eddystone and Daubeny Towers were refurbished and then the council notified residents that it was unable to refurbish Aragon Tower. Controversially, Lewisham Council then sold Aragon Tower to the Berkeley Homes (East Thames) subsidiary of Berkeley Group Holdings in 2002 for £11.5 million, to be converted into luxury riverside apartments for private sale, forcing all the original tenants out. As part of the renovation, four additional floors were constructed to the top of the building to add 14 penthouse apartments. The architects were Sprunt Architects, and construction work was carried out by Apex Construction who used Rolfe Judd to do the working drawings. When completed in summer 2006, the entire building was renamed 'Z Apartments' and no longer contains any social housing.

The tower is now one of the tallest privately-owned residential buildings in the city at 92 metres tall with 29 floors. It contains 158 residential apartments ranging from 2 to 3 bedrooms.

The conversion of the block and the effects of the new, wealthier residents on the estate formed the subject of the BAFTA-winning documentary The Tower: A Tale of Two Cities, which documented the effects of the residents of the estate.

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