Ardler is an area in the north west of Dundee, Scotland. It has two primary schools, nursery and a leisure hall.

It's an area undergoing huge change as the 1960s tower blocks and four-storey flats are being demolished, with low rise houses based around a central social area. The 'Village' offers green space, a large community complex with library, new shops, football pitches, bowling club, water features, multi sports area and a youth shelter.

The re-building of Ardler started in 1998 when a partnership of Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association, George Wimpey Homes and HTA architects was selected by residents and Dundee City Council. Work started in January 2000 and is now 80% complete towards the target of creating 734 homes for rent, 69 refurbished homes and between 150 to 230 homes for private sale.

There is substantial open space in and around the village with new and innovative landscapes that include sustainable urban drainage systems, meadow and woodland areas. A priority for the regeneration of the Ardler Housing Estate included long-term strategies for social inclusion and community development. The Ardler Village Trust has been set up by local people and partners in the regeneration to help achieve this.

On the 24th of June 2007, the last tower block in Ardler - Baberton Court was demolished. Many of the 298 flats had been empty for sometime, with the last tenants rehoused in January 2007.


For a newspaper article on residents of Baberton Court being rehoused, follow this link:[1]

For the newspaper article and video footage of the Baberton Court demolition, follow this link:[2]

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