Bakeman house

Bakeman House after refurbishment in 2008, showing the old shopping centre beneath.

Bakeman House

Bakeman House before refurbishment work.

Bakeman House1

Bakeman House before refurbishment work.

Bakeman House is a 12 storey tower block at the junction of the Coventry Road and Church Road in the South Yardley area of Birmingham. The block was approved in 1965 as part of a much wider redevelopment scheme which saw the construction of a large scale road junction and a local shopping centre named the Tivoli Centre, on top of which the tower block was built. Construction work was carried out by Token.

In 2008, demolition work commenced on the shopping centre and a new centre anchored by a large Tesco supermarket opened in February 2012. As demolition work began on the shopping centre, Bakeman House was refurbished in 2008.

The tower block is mostly home to elderly residents and contains 120 flats.

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