The Bangham Pit estate (also known as the Bangham Pit Farm estate) is a housing estate set for regeneration in Bartley Green, Birmingham.

The estate was approved in two phases, with the first phase consisting of a single 8 storey tower block being approved in 1955, and the second phase which included two 6 storey tower blocks being approved in the following year. In total, the estate consisted of 364 houses of which 193 are of Wates construction. Of the Wates built properties, 102 were in the three tower blocks and the remaining were low rise flats.

The Wates built properties are designated defective properties under the Housing Defects Act 1984. Extensive regeneration work has been carried out on the nearby Ley Hill and Shenley Fields estates.

Tower blocksEdit

The 8 storey tower block was Purley House. The two 6 storey blocks were:

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