Bellsmyre is a large housing scheme of the town of Dumbarton in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. Situated on a hill, It is located in the northeast of Dumbarton. It has above average rates of social problems such as drugs, theft, and regular gang activity. It is also an economically deprived area, with a high degree of unemployment and poverty. Bellsmyre is one of five council schemes in Dumbarton, the other four being Westcliff, Silverton, Brucehill and Castlehill. Bellsmyre, along with the four other estates, has historically been one of the least sought-after areas in Dumbarton. The area is improving however, with better standards in the community and a police crackdown on drug usage in particular.

Many of Bellsmyre's council houses have improved over the years. As a result, it is currently being regenerated, with around 66 private houses being built, and the high flats at the top of the hill reportedly being demolished, although it has not been announced what is being built in their place. There are two smaller 'schemes' within Bellsmyre, namely Stoneyflatt and Glenside. Stoneyflatt has been almost totally demolished to make way for new private housing. Owing to the relatively small number of residents, Glenside may face the same future.

Located in the northeast of Dumbarton, it was built as a municipal housing scheme and a few of its residents were brought there from the city of Glasgow as part of the "overspill" programme of moving people from slum areas of the city to new towns and other areas outwith the city boundaries.

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