Bridge of Weir is a village in Renfrewshire 15 miles from Glasgow. It is in a rural area and is surrounded by fields and shares borders with Houston to the north, Kilmacolm to the west and Kilbarchan to the east. Population is around 5,000. Only 53 people in the village were classed as unemployed in 1999.

The village was founded by merchants looking to live outside of Glasgow in the 18th century, becoming one of the first commuter towns in Renfrewshire. Many of their grand houses still remain occupied today in the extremely affluent "up the hill" part of town.

The bottom of Bridge of Weir, towards Houston is a housing estate comprising of many cottage flats built in the inter war years and a post war estate consisting of 2-3 storey tenements and terraced housing. Although Bridge of Weir is a very middle-class village, this housing scheme is poorly maintained and has a reputation for anti social behaviour. Many of the council stock have since been bought and council houses make up just 4.1% of the total percentage of the villages dwellings.

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