Bromford Hill is a development of 43 low rise flats off Lea Hill Road in Handworth Wood.  All flats benefit from there own front door.  It was built in 1977 after several years of planning applications being refused or withdrawn.  The site has numerous trees particularly lining the pedestrian access to Wellington Road.  This was the original driveway which provided access the the large house known as "The Hill" owned by Paul Jacot.  The Jacot's were a well known Birmingham family originally from Swtizerland.

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The development was originally let to couples without children however pressure on housing in the early 1980's meant this policy could not be sustained.  During the late 1980's/early 1990's the development suffered from problems as around half the residents were of pensionable age and half were either single or had children.  This created conflict as the children playing  in communal areas was seen as disturbing some older residents.

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