Brunswick House

Brunswick House, Buckland End estate, Shard End, Birmingham (April 2013)

Brunswick and Albany House

Brunswick House (left) and Albany House (right), Buckland End, Shard End, Birmingham.

Brunswick House is a 13 storey tower block on Shopton Road in the Buckland End area of Shard End, Birmingham. Plans for the block were approved in 1964 and it was completed in 1966 by DL. It is 38 metres tall, contains 50 flats and is opposite Albany House.

There was a total of 9 tower blocks in Shard End. The area is sandwiched between Bromford (20 tower blocks) and Chelmsley Wood (51 tower blocks).

Shard End tower blocks Edit

Buckland End - 2 tower blocks

Shard End - 1 tower block

Kitsland Road - 6 tower blocks [all 6 demolished 2003-2004]

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