Caithkin Court was a 20 storey tower block on the Mitchellhill estate in the Castlemilk housing scheme in Glasgow. Also known as 9 Mitchellhill Road, it was one of a cluster of five approved as the Ardencraig project in 1963. Construction took two years and was carried out by Wimpey. They were built on the south eastern extremity of the city and were situated on the side of the Caithkin Braes. The semi rural envioronment made the blocks initially popular with residents. They also inspire Andrew NcNaughton to write the well known childrens anthem, 'The Jeely Piece Song'. However, the area suffered great social problems and the blocks became unpopular and lack of demand saw them demolished on the 27th of November 2005. Demolition contractors John F. Hunt, Safedem of Dundee, DPS International and Faber Maunsell were involved in the project. It took over 14,000 individual charges to safely raze the 5 concrete behemoths in 22 seconds.


Demolition footage[1],[2]

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