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The London Borough of Camden is a borough of London, England, which forms part of Inner London.

The area is in the north side of the city, reaching from Holborn and Bloomsbury in the south to Hampstead Heath in the north. Neighbouring areas are the City of Westminster and the City of London to the south, Brent to the west, Barnet and Haringeyto the north and Islington to the east.

Principle TownEdit

Camden Town is a town in North London, England, in the London Borough of Camden. Camden Town is sometimes referred to simply as "Camden", but it should not be confused with the borough. Camden Town is an inner-city district located 2.3 miles (3.7 km) north of Charing Cross, and is famous for its crowded market and as a centre for alternative lifestyles. The area is popular with students, including those from overseas. It is also an area with a large congregation of people following alternative subcultures, most notably goth, punk and emo. Camden is arguably the most diverse borough in London, with Hampstead being one of the richest towns in the UK but abject poverty being found around Gospel Oak, Eastern Haverstock and Queen's Crescent.


Three of central London's northern railway terminals (Euston, St. Pancras and Kings Cross) are located in the borough; they are the southern termini for the West Coast Main Line, Midland Main Line and East Coast Main Line, respectively. On 14th November 2007 St Pancras became the new terminus of Eurostar.


Camden has a large number of Estates with High rise developments around Gospel Oak and Haverstock especially. Gospel Oak has the most estates in Camden and is home to the tewnty-two story Bacton Tower. High rise estates also exist in Kentish own, Camden Town and Agar Grove.

Tower BlocksEdit

Housing EstatesEdit

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