Kellet Road Estate, Nechells Parkway (A47) Viewed From Ring Road... Nechells Green; Aston; Birmingham.

Oak Tree House and Kellet Road Estate (near), Chestnut House & Sycamore House with Rupert Street Estate (behind).

Nechells Parkway A47 - View south to Town, KelletRd Est on right. Nechells Green, Birmingham.

Kellett Road Estate & Oak Tree House (distance), Chestnut House & Sycamore House of the Rupert Street Estate being constructed (right-near). Nechells Parkway dual carriageway (A47) also being constructed (centre).

See also: Chestnut House (Bootle).

Chestnut House was a 12 storey tower block on Newhaven Close on the Rupert Street Estate in the Nechells Green complex. It was situated in the Nechells area of Aston, Birmingham with all the blocks lined up in a row along the Nechells Parkway (A47). It was one of 27 tower blocks on the Nechells Green complex and one of 67 tower blocks in Aston.

Plans for the block were approved along with Sycamore House in 1962 to be built either side of the old Great Lister Street and it was completed in 1964 by Wates. It was one of four tower blocks on the Rupert Street Estate along with 4 six storey blocks. The 36 metre tall building contained 68 flats and was demolished in the mid-late 1990s with much of the surrounding area. Modern low rise housing was built in its place.

Rupert Street Estate tower blocks Edit

The 12 storey tower blocks were:

The 7 storey block was:

The four 6 storey maisonette blocks were:

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