Cleeve House Corner of Bromford Lane Kingsbury Rd Erdington

Cleeve House (awaiting demolition)

Cleeve house erdington

Cleeve House (boarded up and awaiting demolition)

Cleeve House
is an 8 storey tower block at the junction of Bromford Lane and Kingsbury Lane in the Erdington area of Birmingham, England. Plans for the block, along with an adjacent 4 storey block of maisonettes, were approved in 1958. DL were appointed as contractors to the build, using the Trucson construction method. The block was completed in 1960 and contains 32 flats.

Unlike the majority of Birmingham tower blocks, Cleeve House retains its original signage above the entrance to the block. It was refurbished in 2009 to provide shelter for homeless people, however, in late 2011 it was emptied and boarded up, awaiting demolition.

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