The Comber Estate is a council estate in the Camberwell area of Southwark, London. Constructed in the late-1940s/ early 1950s, and then later extended in the late 1960s/ earl 1970s, it is often merged with the 1960s Wyndham Estate to the immediate north. The construction of the Wyndham Estate led to the construction of additional residential properties in the Wyndham Estate, including two tower blocks.

The original plan for the Comber Estate consisted of seven 5 storey blocks of flats, with Comber House forming the centrepiece. These seven blocks were constructed from brick with pitched Mansard roofs and sash windows, producing a traditional design. The seven blocks were:

  • Livingstone House - 56 flats
  • Cameron House - 61 flats
  • Speke House - 17 flats (demolished in the late 1990s)
  • Comber House - 102 flats
  • Grenfell House - 47 flats
  • Laing House - 35 flats
  • Moffat House - 34 flats

The extension of the estate in the late 1960s provided further residential development on pockets of land on the southern edges of the estate. Among the new buildings were Marinel House and Arnot House - two 6 storey tower blocks constructed from concrete with a engineering brick facing. Immediately to the south of the blocks, Hodister Close, a 2 storey maisonette block of 13 flats, was constructed using the same materials. In the west of the estate at the junction of Councillor Street and Redcar Street, a two storey block of 20 flats named Grainger Court was constructed, mirroring the design of three slightly larger blocks on the Wyndham Estate.

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