Concrete is a important man made construction material, made from cement and Aggregate (Course crushed stone such as Limestone, granite, or gravel and a mixed of fine material like grit sand) all mixed together with water. Cement can be partially replaced by PFA (Pulverised Fly Ash). The materials are mixed in various proportions in a Mixer and water added. Additives of various chemicals can be added to the mix to change the properties of the final mix during pouring or when set.These are known as Admixtures and have a variety of properties; Retarders(slow setting),Accelerated(increase rate of setting), Water proofer's (reduce porosity), plasticers (effect fluidity).

Concrete set by a chemical reaction called Hydration, and not by drying out, as is a commonly held belief.

The properties of concrete vary widely depending on materials used and the ratio they are added in to the final mix. The main property of concrete is its compressive strength and durability.

Types / Special ConcretesEdit

  • Normal concrete :
  • High Strength Concrete :
  • Water proof concrete :
  • Self Levelling Concrete (super flowing):
  • Sulphate Resisting :
  • Light weight Concrete :
  • High density Concrete :
  • Fibre Reinforced :
  • Foamed Concrete :
  • No fines Concrete :

Uses / ProductsEdit

Wikipedia has an extensive article, here, but is an American written definition;

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