Condorrat is an area of the town of Cumbernauld, which is located in the North Lanarkshire area of Scotland. The area's name coming from the Gaelic "Comh Dobhair Alt", which means the "joint river place" (the River Luggie meets the Moss Water in the area).

Condorrat was a gypsy community and was a village in its own right for many years before being incorporated into Cumbernauld when it was designated as one of Scotland's new towns.

Recently, several planning applications have been logged for new housing developments - near to the rugby club - by firms such as Stewart Milne and Cala.

Condorrat was a weaving community and some of the early single storey houses still exist in the row known as Braehead Cottages - now much modernised. At the west end of the village is Dalshannon Farm which is a very good example of a "longhouse" of the 17th century. In a longhouse, the farming family lived at one end and the cattle byre was at the other end. Apparently the warmth of the penned beasts (and the smell) percolated throughout the living quarters. The longhouse has since been raised in height and a 2 storey block added to the NW corner.


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