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Craig Gillon

Craig Harold Angus Zebulon Abner Gillon (Born 1976) Crag Gillon is a public alcoholic criminal in his hometown in Ayr Scotland


Craig Gillon was born in 1976 to Jean Gillon a retired nurse, And to a unknown father even Gillon himself doesn’t even know, Gillon attended mainholm academy were he excelled in nothing and was expelled for drinking and smoking at school and threw a two chairs at a female schoolteacher, He was unpopular and was the butt of many jokes, The day he was expelled he left the building and set fire to one of the many large school bins, He also left with no qualifications, With no qualifications he started working in retail on and off and a brief spell working at the red cross were he was sacked due to lateness and turning up drunk, Again he went back to retail, Over the course of the years from primary school till present Gillon has smoked and a alcoholic he also has many anger issues which come out when he is drunk due to his alcoholism snapping at people wanting to fight anyone which he never learns from as he can’t fight and has had many sore faces and teeth kicked out, His alcoholism is so bad that he no longer has friends and lies to his mother that he’s going out with friends when in fact he goes down the local woods and drinks alone then when drunk walks down to the beach shouting racist slurs and singing sectarian songs despite coming from a catholic family, this has again led to him getting into trouble by the law and has been charged with racial abuse and buying drink for underage teens, In 2016 he was arrested at work for stealing money out of his checkout over a long period of time he was charged for stealing  £9,755 and was rumoured to be more than double that but couldn’t be proven, He avoided jail due to the fact his mother family and friends got together and paid the money back, This has embarrassed his family deeply and because of it he has no friends and no life


Gillon is a noted thief and liar and trouble maker anyone who wants to employ him be warned he is not good with people and is his own worst enemy