Derby is a city in the East Midlands of England. It lies on the banks of the River Derwent and is surrounded by the shire county of Derbyshire. In the 2001 census the population of the borough was 233,700, whilst that of the Derby Urban Area was 229,407. Measured by Urban Area, Derby is the 18th largest settlement in England.

Tower blocksEdit

Derby originally had two small tower block estates consisting of five five-storey blocks each. One has been demolished and the other is due for demolition shortly. The tallest council tower block is Rivermead House, a nursing accomodation tower block called Wilderslowe Tower is the cities second tallest building.

The city has several council estates, notably the 1930s estates on the 'arterial road' (Derby outer ring road), 1950s estates such as Mackworth Estate (noted for its London theme in the street names and large green spaces) and more recently some smaller 1970s/1980s estates which are often integrated with private housing.

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