Drumoyne makes up the western part of the Govan district in Glasgow. Originally developed as a tenement community in the Victorian era, it was home to many men who worked in the shipyards. As the shipyards closed and living conditions plummeted, the vast majority of these tenements were razed to the ground in favour of alterantive forms of housing. Cottage flats were popular during the inter war years and modern examples of tenement flats (built using recosntituted stone) were also built right through til the 1960s. Many more tenements were culled for the construction of a dual carriageway running through the area leading towards the Clyde Tunnel in the 1960s. there were also two tower blocks erected:

At present, a sizable number of the tenement stock built in the 20th century is condemned and being emptied for demolition to regenerate this part of Govan.

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