Victoria tower, nechells green, aston, birmingham

Victoria Tower, Cromwell St Est, Duddeston-Nechells Green, Aston, Birmingham.

Duddeston, sometimes known as Nechells Green or Vauxhall, was a

large Redevelopment Area in the Nechells area of Aston, Birmingham. The RDA was one of five in Birmingham and was situated adjacent to the Duddeston RDA. Tower block plans were approved in stages between 1958 and 1968. The Duddeston / Nechells Green complex consists of four close knit estates. These are the Duddeston Manor Estate, the Cromwell Street Estate, the Rupert Street Estate and the Kellett Road Estate.

The first tower blocks to be approved in 1958 were approved for Bradburne Way and consisted of a single 7 storey block and four 6 storey blocks, tendered as three separate contracts. An additional 12 storey tower block was approved for Bradburne Way in 1959, plus a group of three 16 storey blocks on Cromwell Street and a 9 storey block on Rocky Lane. In 1961, a 12 storey block was approved on Heneage Street and two 12 storey blocks were approved for Great Lister Street in 1962. In 1963, a 12 storey block was approved on Duddeston Manor Road and a 9 storey block on Vauxhall Road. In 1964, three 16 storey blocks were approved on Willis Street, and a final tower block at 20 storeys in height was approved on Bloomsbury Street in 1968.

The Bradburne Way blocks became part of the Rupert Street Estate.

The 16 storey tower blocks are all named after major rivers in the United Kingdom.

Duddeston / Nechells Green had 27 high rise blocks of flats up until the late 1990s, along with numerous four storey blocks and was part of the 67 tower blocks in Aston.

Tower blocksEditEdit

The single 20 storey tower block is:

The six 16 storey tower blocks are:

The two 12 storey blocks on Great Lister Street were:

The single 12 storey tower block on Heneage Street was:

The single 12 storey tower block on Duddeston Manor Road was:

The 9 storey tower block on Vauxhall Road is:

The 9 storey tower block on Rocky Lane is:

The 12 storey tower block on Bradburne Way was:

The 7 storey block on Bradburne Way was:

Duddeston, Nechells Green, Vauxhall, Saltley, Bromford, Castle Vale, Water Orton, Hams Hall.

(Foreground): Duddeston Manor & Saltley. (Centre & centre-right): Bromford Bridge. (Centre-left): Castle Vale. (Background): Hams Hall power station and the long ridge between Tamworth and Coventry (north Warwickshire).

The four 6 storey tower blocks on Bradburne Way were:

The four 6 storey tower blocks on Kellett Road were:

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