The Egghill Estate was a council estate in the Northfield area of Birmingham. Plans for the estate were first approved in 1958, and a second phase approved in 1960. The estate was constructed in the late 1950s/early 1960s, and contained houses, maisonettes, tower blocks and a shopping precinct.

During the 1980s, life on the estate deteriorated, and by the mid 1990s the council concluded the Egghill 'was suffering from clear characteristics of an unsustainable neighbourhood with high numbers of void properties arising from low demand due to unpopular housing types, lack of housing choice, growing community safety issues such as drugs and vandalism, limited community facilities, a poor infrastructure and limited access to employment and training opportunities.'

Tower blocksEdit

There were seven 9 storey tower blocks along Lower Beeches Road:

The beginning of the endEdit

In 1995, Birmingham City Council set up the Egghill Estate Development Group to look into ways to improve the estate. Eventually, it was concluded that due to the social problems on the estate, and poor quality of the housing stock the best way forward was to demolish the estate.

By the early 2000s Egghill Estate had being cleared. Over the next few years the local authority was criticised for the lack of activity at the former Estate as many of the former tenants had been told they would be relocated to the new Egghill.


In 2010, Birmingham City Council announced that it was going to begin building Council Homes on the site of Egghill Estate, as the former estate begins to be redeveloped.

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