Erdington is a district in north Birmingham. It borders Sutton Coldfield and has numerous council estates.

Pype Hayes is in the north of the district and was built after World War II. Several tower blocks were built but only one, Sorrel House, remains today. The entire estate was redeveloped.

The Lyndhurst estate on the border with Wylde Green is a large estate with many tower blocks. At one point, it had the tallest tower block in the city at 16 storeys, Harlech Tower. This tower block is to be demolished and the low rise maisonettes removed too for a modern residential development. The remaining tower blocks are to be refurbished.

Bromford Bridge in the southern extremity of the estate has many tower blocks, one of which has been demolished and another two prepared for demolition.

Other tower blocks are Lakehouse Court, Cleeve House and the now-demolished Oscott Court.

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