Nechells Parkway A47. KellettRd Est, Nechells Green, Birmingham.

Kellett Road Estate, Nechells Green, Aston, Birmingham. Mid-1990s.

Evesham House was a 6 storey block of 30 maisonettes, that was located on Windsor Road on the Kellett Road Estate. It was situated in the Nechells Green area of Aston, Birmingham. It stood opposite the identical Strensham House and was completed in 1959. The entire estate was demolished in the mid-late 1990s as part of a wider regeneration of the Heartlands area.

In a visit to Birmingham by officials from Hong Kong in 1982, it was noted that Evesham House had undergone a refurbishment the year before. The building had been suffering from condensation and dampness, inadequate heating provision, poor security and neglected landscaping. As part of the refurbishment of the block, double glazing windows, additional thermal installation, a new central heating system, new bathrooms and new kitchens were installed, as well as redecoration of the exterior of the block. The average cost of the refurbishment was £8,400 per dwelling.

The estate was one of four making up the Nechells Green / Duddeston complex of 27 tower blocks and made up the 67 tower blocks in Aston.

Kellett Road Estate tower blocks Edit

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