Fort Ardwick was a housing estate block in the Ardwick area of Manchester. In 1985, a series of damning faults was revealed in another prestigious development, Coverdale Crescent in Longsight. The development, which became known as Fort Ardwick, was a deck access block of 500 homes. Completed in 1972, Fort Ardwick, was built with the same Bison concrete wall-frame system that had been used in neighbouring Fort Beswick, and by the mid-1980s was clearly suffering from similar structural faults. The council employed a private firm of consultants to survey the estate, which found that water was leaking through roofs, steel fixings were corroded and concrete was breaking away. The council had to spend £60,000 immediately to bolt 1,100 panels back on to the building's internal skin. The city architect, David Johnson, claimed that the report highlighted the "rapid deterioration" of Fort Ardwick's fabric. The estate was demolished in the 1980s and the new Coverdale Estate was constructed on the site in 1994.

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