Germiston is a housing scheme in the north east of Glasgow It lies to the eats of Royston, to the south of Springburn and west of Provanmill and Blackhill. Housing in the area was primarily developed in the inter war tyears with an abundance of tenements and 4 in a block cottage flats being built. In the 1960s, three tower blocks were added to the scheme at Coll Place. In recent years, Germiston has had a lot of investment. Although still primarily a council scheme, priate developers have built low rise homes on teh northern side of the estate on derelict ground where 1 of the tower blocks and rows of tenements used to be. The council homes that remain have recieved a lot of invetsment with internal improvements being made as well as new security systems being put in place in teh tenements and new pebbledashing applied to the exterior of all of the low rise council dwellings.

high rise estatesEdit

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