Gomm Road Estate is a small public housing estate on Gomm Road in the Rotherhithe area of Southwark, London. The estate sits at the Gomm Gate entrance to Southwark Park, which forms the southwestern and southeastern border to the estate. Gomm Road runs along the northwestern edge and St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School borders to the northeast. The estate sits on a roughly square shaped plot of land, with a cul-de-sac running through the centre.

The estate was built in the mid-1980s on land formerly occupied by bomb-damaged terraced housing and two small roads named Rebecca Terrace and Henwood Road. For some time into the mid 1970s, part of the site was occupied by temporary prefab housing to deal with the housing shortage in the borough at the time. The site was completely cleared by the early 1980s, however.

The estate is low-rise, reaching no taller than 3 storeys in height. All 3 storey blocks contain three flats - one for each floor. The other properties are terraced houses. The estate is built out of red brick and is relatively traditional in style, with even the cul-de-sac road paving with bricks rather than tarmac. In total, there are 41 properties.

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