Henry Boot Plc is a Sheffield based contractor, founded in 1886. Over the last 100 + years they have been involved in a lot of public works around Sheffield area and around the country. They are currently involved in Developments, Land (acquisition and Planning) for development, Construction, and Plant hire.

Building a major part of Caterick Garrison in 1914-18 war. During the inter-war period they built 80'000 house with over 50'000 council house and 9000 for rent through First National Housing and Henry Boot estates. The balance being for private sale. They also build School and Hospital as well as industrial works. In 1936 they built Pinewood studios, based on the American studio model. The building of Welwyn Garden City was also started by them. One of the more unusual jobs was building Floating Casions for the Mulbery harbour used in the D day Invasion.

After the war they were involved in building Phoenix Bungalows, Reema houses (for the coal authority) and British Iron and Steel Federation Homes. They Owned Rothervale Joinery for along time till selling it off as a none core busines in the 1980's. Other works being Civils works. Leading to works on the Hong Kong Metro. Others are refurbishing some of Sheffields tower blocks. In the past they built a lot of council houses in Sheffeild. They sold the House building arm to David Wilson Homes a few years ago.

Currently Based in Banner Cross Hall Sheffield

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