Holte Estate Priory Rd Aston Birmingham

2 of the Point blocks awaiting demolition in the lat 1990s

Holte & Priory Estate Tower Blocks

2 of the 4 point Tower Blocks viewed from Aston Hall late 1950s

Holte & Priory Estate was a council estate in the Nechells area of Aston, Birmingham. It was clearly visible and imposing along with the 3 huge cooling towers of Nechells Power Station (where Star City is now situated), from 'Spaghetti Junction' which is to the north east of the former estate. The Estate was situated to the north of Aston Hall Road, and south of Salford Park Lake.

The complex of four 12 storey tower blocks, locally referred to as 'the 4 points' and three 4 storey super-blocks began construction in 1952 and was completed in 1956. The four tower blocks provided a total of 144 flats, and the entire estate was constructed by Whittall. Directly opposite was an older 6 storey block of flats which relied on coal heating called Carbrooke House. On the same Aston Hall Road, Normansell Tower was constructed which was 18 storeys high. Just across the railway track on Church Lane Osborne Tower was built which is 16 storeys high.

The Estate was bull-dozed in the early 2000s, and as of late 2011 the site remained vacant. In 2012 Normansell Tower was demolished. In 2014 after 12 years being a wasteland, development started where the Holte & Priory Estate once stood, with a factory being constructed for making specialized parts for local manufacturers such as Jaguar and Land Rover. The local pub popular with Aston Villa fans on match days was also flattened.
Carbrooke House, Holte & Priory Estate, Nechells, Aston, Looking Towards Nechells & Saltley.

Cadbrooke House, Holte & Priory Estate, Nechells, Aston, Birmingham.

Tower blocksEdit

The four tower blocks on the estate:

The 2 nearby tower blocks:

The older 6 storey block of flats opposite on Aston Hall Road.

Plus the 3 intermittent 4 storey super-blocks in between "the 4 Points".

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