Housing Action Trusts (HAT) are non-departmental public bodies, which were set up to redevelop some of the poorest council estates in Britain's inner-city suburbs.

Six Housing Action Trusts were established under the Housing Act of 1988. It was decided that each HAT will be administered by a board appointed by the Deputy Prime Minister.

There were seven established HATs in the country; North Hull HAT, Liverpool HAT, Tower Hamlets HAT in East London, Stonebridge HAT in Brent, North-west London and Castle Vale HAT in Birmingham. The Waltham Forest HAT in East London shut down in April 2002. The Castle Vale HAT shut down in March 2005.

All the HAT's assets and undertakings passed to English Partnerships, the residuary body for HATs, when they shut down. Stonebridge HAT is expected to begin to shut down in 2007.

Housing Action Trust estates Edit

These council housing estates have all been targeted by Housing Action Trusts.