Kenrick house

Kenrick House is a 17 storey tower block on the complex in West Bromwich. Completed in 1967, it is 48 metres tall.

The block contains 132 individual flats, after recent modnerisation. Eight flats per floor, plus 4 flats on the ground floor. Each floor from 1st to 16th comprises 8 flats, 4 two bedroom (one at each corner) and 4 one bedroom flats (centre building), a stairway is situated at the end of each landing. Two lifts in the block go to each floor.

Each flat has its own balcony, except the ground floor, on even numbered floors the two bedroom balcony's are physically separate from the single bedroom balcony's. On odd numbered floors the balconies are separated by a small metal partition.

Fire alarms and active ventilation in all flats along with gas fired hot water and central heating. Along with new windows and insulation, finished with various shades of blue aluminium cladding.

Entry into the block is by electronic key fob at the front door, side and rear doors are for exit only. Full CCTV in and around the block for car parks, lobby and lifts.

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