12 tower blocks, known as the Kersal flats, were built in Salford in the 1960's. They consisted of three 8-storey slab blocks, six 11-storey point blocks and three 10-storey point blocks. The Kersal estate was considered one of Britain's largest residential housing estates of its time.

Tower blocksEdit

  • Blake House
  • Browning House
  • Burns House
  • Chaucer Court
  • Cowper House
  • John Bacon Court
  • Jonson House
  • Keats Court
  • Milton House
  • Shakespeare House
  • Shelley House
  • Spencer House

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Demolition & redevelopmentEdit

On October 14, 1990, eight of the flats (Browning, Burns, Chaucer, John Bacon, Jonson, Keats, Milton and Shakespeare) were demolished in a simultaneous controlled explosion. Blake, Cowper, Shelley and Spencer were retained. Shelley and Spencer were painted white and renamed. Blake and Cowper were eventually demolished in 1999. Shelley and Spencer still stand today.

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