Kildrum was the first area to be constructed in Cumbernauld new town. The main road is in the shape of an arc with residential streets leading from it. Inside the arc are ex-corporation houses and better quality mostly private housing on the outside, bordering the private housing is Cumbernauld Park which features in scenes from the film Gregory's Girl. Interestingly within the houses, former farm buildings have been turned into the YMCA and a shop, one of the very few instances of pre-60s building surviving to the modern day. Three tower blocks lie on the edge of Kildrum close to the Town Centre.

Some ex-corporation houses have in recent years found to have been constructed with inadequate materials and are now scheduled for demolition. Previously several blocks of flats have suffered the same fate.

Other facilities are Cumbernauld High School, primary school, special school, health centre, Ymca, four local shops, hairdressers, chemist, three churches/chapels, Salvation Army.

The Town Centre and Carbrain lie to the west of Kildrum, to the north is Seafar, Cumbernauld Park to the east and Cumbernauld Glen to the south.

Stuart House, Morisson House and Elliot House are three tower blocks on the edge of Kildrum overlooking the Central Way Dual carriageway.


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