Buckland End, Shard End

Buckland End estate, Shard End, Birmingham

Kitsland Road is a road in Shard End in Birmingham. It was home to six Y-shaped tower blocks of 6 storeys in height, built in 1957. They were demolished in 2003-04 to make way for a lowrise housing development. The tower blocks were named after cities in Australia. Elsewhere in Shard End there is another tower block on the Shardway called Adelaide Tower and 2 other tower blocks in the Buckland End area of the estate.

There were 9 tower blocks in total in Shard End. It is next to the massive housing complex of Chelmsley Wood which had 51 tower blocks up to the 1990s. To the north is Bromford which had 20 tower blocks up until the 2000s.

Shard End tower blocksEdit

Buckland End - 2 tower blocks

Shard End - 1 tower block

Kitsland Road - 6 tower blocks [all 6 demolished 2003-2004]

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