Lilac Court was a 17 storey tower block on Churchill Way in Ellor Street in Salford. Completed in 1966, it was 48 metres tall. The building was of a Fram concrete panel construction with additional strengthening at the gables. It had an area of 500m² on plan.

It was demolished by Walter Forshaw Ltd for City of Salford Council between March 1999 and November 1999. It cost £480,000 with demolition of the pre-cast concrete panel structure done using a tower crane and dismantling the structure floor-by-floor, panel-by-panel. The building had to be propped at 1m c/c to seven floors, to support the plant loading of 2 no. 3 tonne mini excavators. The wall panels were propped using push-pull props to each floor as the work progressed, prior to removing the wall panel's support.

The building was situated only 6.0m from a fully operational City Council Housing Office and was accessed through an existing housing estate.

The post-demolition landscaping works included laying topsoil on the site, seeding the soil and providing a new boundary fence.

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