Luggiebank (Map) is a small village to the south of Cumbernauld, Scotland, and is now essentially a suburb of the town. It is situated on what used to be the Striling Road from Lanark, but as a result of a bypass (B8039) the old road is now a cul de sac.

The village of around 30 houses is essentially built around two streets, the older part of Stirling Road and newer houses on Blairlinn View. On the south bound side of Stirling Road the houses back onto Luggie Water after which the village was named. (Now a nature reserve managed by Scottish Wildlife Trust).

The name Luggie is probably derived from the Old Scots word 'lug' for ear and may mean a bowl with lugs or ladle. An extract from the Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland 1882 describes The Luggie in less than glowing terms however, there is a poem written by David Grey (1838-61) The Dear Old Toiling One, in which he fondly mentions the Luggie and apparently another poem of the same ilk called 'The Luggie' or possibly 'Luggie-side'.

The Village has some history and houses are displayed on the north bound side of Stirling Road in the 1864 Ordanance Survey map (Old Map). People even used to holiday in the village and there is a postcard showing the village looking south, possibly from the 1930s.

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