Holte & Priory Estate Tower Blocks-0

Holte & Priory estate being constructed in Nechells, Aston.

Murdoch Point was a 12 storey block of flats on the Holte & Priory Estate off Aston Hall Road, in the Nechells area of Aston, Birmingham.

The block was a brick construction, using a similar model to flats such as Home Tower, but this time using a 'y' shaped footprint. It was one of 7 tower blocks situated next to the Aston Expressway and one of 67 towers in Aston.

The block was 36 metres tall and completed in 1956, situated alongside 3 sister blocks (James Watt Point, Priestley Point and Boulton Point) on the estate in the shadow of 'Spaghetti Junction'. Also nearby were the 3 massive cooling towers of Nechells Power Station, which were detonated to make way for the Star City entertainment complex in the late 1990s.

It was demolished in 2001.

Nearby tower blocks Edit

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