National Federation of Demolition Contractors, is the Trade association for demolition contractors. Members agree to meet certain standards of workmanship and health and safety requirements. They promote the industry, and arrange training course for operatives and managers. All The major companies are members

Member CompaniesEdit

(Not Full List)

  • 777 Demolition & Haulage Co Ltd
  • A. Wring Group (Demolition Co.) Ltd
  • Brown & Mason Ltd
  • Cantillon Ltd
  • Coleman & Company Ltd.
  • Cuddy Demolition & Dismantling Ltd
  • DSM Demolition Ltd
  • John F. Hunt Demolition Ltd
  • Keltbray Demolition Ltd
  • Squibb & Davies (Demolition) Ltd
  • T.E Scudder Ltd
  • Total Reclaims Demolition Ltd

See here for the federations web site;

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