Netherley is an area in the city of Liverpool, north-west England.

Netheley belongs to the Liverpool Garston political constituency and is situated on the outskirts of South Liverpool. It is a predominantly residential area with little industry except for local retailers, with some homes being council houses and some being privately owned. Tower blocks in the area include the Childwall Heights group.

The area has a relatively high crime rate (both petty and serious) and high unemployment. Netherley was featured in the news in 2001 when a family feud of two 'White Mafia' Liverpool families escalated into a gun war with tit-for-tat killings and arson to property owned by the two families.

Recently, the area lost a major local employer, HPL jars and containers. After 20 years, it was bought out by another company and production was transferred out of the area. Netherley has a golf driving range, and in the near future will have its own top of the range sports facility to be built on the former Lee Manor High School site (formerly Netherley Comprehensive). It is also home to the Valley Community Theatre, the acclaimed youth theatre of which was named as the 9th best youth theatre in the UK. Netherley strives to rid itself of the stigmatism of being a crime ridden area and through local pride and focus it is successfully doing so.

Netherley is home to St. Gregory's Catholic Primary School. This is a successful school, as it's latest inspection report and received a good OFSTED report. The school was built at the same time as the local housing, and has adapted over the years to meet the demands of the area. The current Headteacher, who served as a Class Teacher in the early days of the school, is Mrs. Melia (nee Tonner).

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