Normansell Tower, June 2011, derelict for several years and awaiting demolition.

Normansell Tower was an 18 storey tower block on Waterworks Street next to the Holte & Priory Estate, in the Nechells area of Aston, Birmingham. Close to 'Spaghetti Junction', Normansell Tower was approved in 1970 as the Salford Park Project. It was completed in 1972 by Bryant using the Bison construction method. It contained 106 flats and was 52 metres tall.

In 2005, Birmingham City Council announced the tower block was to be demolished along with other housing in the area. The proximity of the tower block to the Aston Expressway (A38 Motorway) was also a major factor as it was deemed an eyesore and unwelcoming to any visitors to the city of Birmingham.

This has been key in the destruction of hundreds of tower blocks across Birmingham as significant roads pass directly through the metropolis taking motorists to and from all corners of the country. With the tens of miles of elevated highways in Birmingham & The Black Country it was possible to see much further over the city landscape than at ground level. So although when the hundreds of tower blocks were first built next to the M6 & M5 motorways in the region their appearance looked modern, the many years of disrepair, lack of maintenance and bad stigma now associated with them led to a very grimey portrait of what Birmingham had to offer.

At least 240 tower blocks were very visible when travelling on the M6 from Chelmsley Wood in the east of the region to Bloxwich on the north side. Approximately 90-100 tower blocks used to be visible on the M5 from Rubery and Frankley in the south-west of the region, all the way up to West Bromwich before the motorway joined the M6. Since the 1990s there has been a mass clearance of tower block estates in view of the motorways as well as all over the metropolis. Less than half of the tower blocks now remain in sight of motorists and tourists with approximately 100 in view on the stretch of M6 and approximately 50 in view on the stretch of M5. It has also coincided with a significant drop in levels of violent crimes in the particular areas of regeneration.

Nechells. Normansell Tower, Holte Estate, Aston 2012 Demolition.

Normansell Tower detonated 2012, Holte & Priory Estate, Nechells, Aston, Birmingham.

On the 2nd September 2012, Normansell Tower was demolished by controlled explosion by DSM Demolition:

Murder Case Normansell Tower made national headlines in 1997 when Geraldine Simpson of Carbrooke House was thrown out of a 12th floor window by David Johnson.[1]

Tower blocks nearby Edit

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