Optima Housing are a not-for-profit Housing Association based in Birmingham, England. The housing association took over the housing stock in the Attwood Green area of the city in the late 1990s as the new social landlord.

Attwood Green consisted of the five city centre estates - Woodview, Benmore, The Sentinels, Lee Bank and Five Ways estates. After taking over the housing stock, they have commenced a large scale programme of regeneration of the estates which saw the demolition of vast areas of the original properties - including at Lee Bank where the majority of the estate was demolished - as well as the refurbishment of existing properties such as the two tower blocks that make The Sentinels. In the case of Lee Bank, Optima joined development partner Crest Nicholson to redevelop the estate with a mixture of affordable housing, housing association properties and private sale properties within modern apartment buildings.

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