The Osprey Estate is a council estate on Lower Road in the Rotherhithe area of Southwark, London. Built in the late 1960s on former terraced housing serving the nearby dock industries, the estate was named after Osprey Street, which previously cut through the land. The original road layout was removed and Tawny Way became the only street to pass through, cutting beneath the blocks.

The estate consists of eight 5 storey blocks enclosing two landscaped courtyards to create a figure of 8 plan. Along the ground floors of the blocks are commercial premises, services and some residence entrances. All the blocks are connected by elevated concrete walkways. Modern refurbishment works have resulted in the addition of pitched roofs to the blocks.

In August 1997, the estate became the focus of national attention following the brutal murder of 17 year old Jamie Robe, who was lured into the estate and set upon by a gang of at least 6 youths. The viciousness of the attack made headlines but a wall of silence in the estate made investigating the crime difficult for the police. Potential witnesses were unwilling to come forward for fear of being targeted by associates of the killers. Local MP Simon Hughes became involved and his work in offering incentives to witnesses in exchange for their testimonies in court against the accused attackers led to the imprisonment of three men for Jamie's murder. Hughes' actions were met with significant criticism but was also subject of much praise of bringing some of the killers to justice.


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