The Pedworth Estate is a council estate in the Rotherhithe area of Southwark, London. Situated on a roughly triangular plot of land between Southwark Park, Abbeyfield Road, Raymouth Road, Rotherhithe New Road and Nelldale Road, the estate is completely low-rise consisting of almost all two storey houses. There are two 4 storey blocks overlooking Nelldale Road of 1950s construction - Roderick House and Antony House - that are not part of the estate.

Constructed in the late 1970s on former terraced housing, the dark red brick and low rise construction is a departure from the concrete and high density systems of the adjacent Abbeyfield Estate which was built some 10-15 years earlier. The estate is separated into various elements of housing:

  • Mossington Gardens - northeastern-most group of properties
  • Raymouth Road - all properties overlooking Raymouth Road
  • Pedworth Gardens - all properties in the centre of the estate
  • Rotherhithe New Road - all properties at the southern edge of the estate
  • Abbeyfield Road - all properties overlooking Abbeyfield Road
  • Penworth Sheltered Housing Unit - a sheltered housing block for elderly people on the northern edge of the estate
  • Dilston Grove - all properties at the northern edge overlooking Dilston Grove.

A District Housing Office is located on the eastern point of the estate.

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