Phoenix Heights was a tower block in Sighthill, Glasgow. It was one of ten 20 storey slab blocks built throughout the Sighthill Estate in the 1960s, five of which were on the site of the former Fountainwell farm, this side of the estate went on to be known as Fountainwell because of this; with the other half known as Pinkston. The block was essentially two separate buildings joined together: each with its own lifts, entrance and stairway. The addresses were 6 and 8 Fountainwell Square. During the 1990s and early 21st century, it housed a large number of asylum seekers and refugees.mainly asylum seekers.

Phoenix Heights was the fourth of the five Fountainwell blocks to be demolished overall. It was the second in the early hours of 29th of November 2009. at 2.30am with the other two blocks coming down one before and one after in quick succession. There are now no multi story blocks remaining in the Fountainwell side of Sighthill with what remains being waste land.

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