Holte & Priory Estate, View South, Aston, Villa Park, pre expressway.

Holte & Priory Estate (left), site where the A38(M) highway was to be built towering over Aston (centre), Villa Park (top-right)

Priestley Point was a 12 storey tower block on the Holte & Priory Estate off Aston Hall Road, in the Nechells area of Aston, Birmingham.

The block was a brick construction, using a similar model to flats such as Home Tower, but this time using a 'y' shaped footprint. It was one of 67 tower blocks in Aston.

The block was 36 metres tall and completed in 1956, situated alongside 3 sister blocks on the estate in the shadow of 'Spaghetti Junction'. In the late 1990s the 3 imposing cooling towers of nearby Nechells Power Station were detonated to make way for Star City.

It was demolished in 2001 with the rest of the Holte & Priory Estate.

Nearby tower blocks Edit

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