The Primrose Hill Estate is a large council estate on Primrose Hill in Kings Norton, Birmingham. The estate is bordered to the east by the Pool Farm estate, to the south by Shannon Road and Green Lane, to the west by Redditch Road, and to the north by the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. It is the largest of three postwar estates in Kings Norton.

Plans for the estate were approved through the mid-1960s, and constructed from east to west. It is a predominantly low-rise estate with several tower blocks. The second phase of the estate was approved in 1964 and included proposals for one 16 storey tower block named Primrose Tower and four 11 storey blocks. A further phase of two 11 storey tower blocks was approved in 1965. The estate was completed in 1968, mostly by Bryant using the Bison construction method, however Primrose Tower was built by Wimpey. Primrose Tower was demolished in 2004.

Tower blocksEdit

The 16 storey tower block was Primrose Tower. The four 11 storey tower blocks along Shannon Road are:

The two 11 storey tower blocks on Branch Road are:

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