Ramsey was a tower block, built in 1967, on the Jordanthorpe Estate in Sheffield, England. It was a 15 storey block of 1 bedroomed flats. It was one of a group 3 towers built on the estate, the other two being called Chantry and Rhodes. They are the same design as the tower blocks at Stannington in the North West of Sheffield.

Like Rhodes, it was demolished in October 2001. This was done as part of the then Sheffield Council "Stock Reduction Programme", influenced by fact they are 1 bedroomed, for which demand is low. They also suffered from lack of insulation and damp due to construction method.

The housing estate was built on land which has only been in South Yorkshire and Sheffield since boundary changes in the 1950s. The Derbyshire border is a few hundred yards south of here. visible across the fields are the village of Coal Aston and Dronfield a small Town over the border in Derbyshire. Also visible from them are the Moors of the peak district and the M1 near J30 (about 6 miles away).

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