Rankine Street is an area just north of Johnstone Town Centre. It has been transformed over the past few years by regeneration that has seen the area move from being a slum, to providing a safe family envioronment.

Prior to this regeneration, Rankine Street consisted of 3 storey tenements built in the Edwardian, inter-war and post war eras. These had fallen into disrepair due to neglect and ill-maintainence over the years and were in an illetable state by the late 1990s, with some flats burnt out. Just metres away from the hub of the town, Houston Square, lay substandard housing and poverty, thus creating a bad image for the town.

In 2001, Paisley based Williamsburgh Housing Association took ownership of the estate. After much deliberation, the decision was that it should be razed to the ground and start afresh. Demolition began on the tenements on Rankine Street, Rankine Place, Brewery Street and Clark Street. A small, forgotten square at the corner of Collier Street and Clark Street was also demolished. In their place, new housing was built. These were a mix of private and council builds. The council homes are identifiable only by the metal fencing at the bottom of the drives as opposed to wood. The houses were in terraced or 2 storey flat form and constructed from red brick. the flats had radical features liek incongruent roofs and wooden highlights. There is a row of post war tenements at the foot of Rankine Street that have been retained mainly because of the commercial outlets underneath that includes a bank, an off-license and a Blockbuster video rental outlet. They have had new roofs fitted.

In total, over 60 houses for social and private ownership were built, many with special needs adaptions.

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