Robroyston is a housing estate on the north eastern outskirts of Glasgow. It is borderd to the north by the town of Bishopbriggs, while Springburn lies to the south and west. Rural land makes up the eastern boundary. The original scheme was developed during the inter war years and lies to the west of Hillhead Road. it contains tenements and cottage ftas similar to nieghborung schemes of Balornock and Barmulloch. These survive to this day. Robroyston has been vastly expanded since the 1980s with private development east of Hillhead Road - expanding south and west to the edge of the M80. Depsite being an area of relative affluence, Robroyston is extremely isolated from the rest of the citya and relies more on Bishopbriggs for amenities. This has sparked debate over whether the estate should become a village in the East Dumbartonshire region.

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